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Newcastle Cup Fantasy Winners

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Newcastle Cup Fantasy Winners

Last updated April 13, 2021 by Balyn McDonald

While John and Jack managed to rob a few teams of the fantasy glory they desired, but a few shrewd players managed to grind out a win at the first leg of the 4-part Aussie leg. Join me now in begrudgingly celebrating their victories…

Fab Fab – 37660 pts

Fab had all 4 semi-finalists, as well as quarter-finalist Conner.

Sure, he had JJFand JRob (like most of us), not to mention Mikey’s useless contribution, but the damage was already done with 5 of the top 8 fantasy surfers in his side.

Fab now sits in 7th place overall for the season and, more importantly, gets a sweet $100AUD Voucher from SurfStitch (like all of our event winners this season).

Congrats, Fab!

TheOnlyBooger – 31214

Booger may not have carved up the opposition like Italo on a walled Newcastle right, but he did finish 15th, which just so happens to match the jersey number of the event winner. He therefore walks away with our lucky door prize and a $50AUD SurfStitch Voucher for his efforts!

Booger now sits at 4th overall, indicating that he didn’t suck at Pipe either.

Huh? A Prize for 15th?

For those unaccustomed to our prize process, we have two prizes for every event:

First place gets a $100 voucher. Easy, right?

A $50 voucher also goes to our Lucky Door Prize winner. Basically, anyone whose final fantasy event placing matches the jersey number of the contest champion wins a prize.

Finish 77th? Man, that sucks. But if Filipe wins the event, then you’ll still get a prize! Salvage a decent 12th? Then you’ll be cheering even more if John John wins the final. Get a 99th? Go Griff!

This means that, no matter how much your fantasy team may suck, you’re still a chance to come away with something (so long as you make the top 99).

Overall Leader

The current FSS overall leader is Gordo, who has finished in the top 10 for the first two events of the year. He’s closely followed by Crow, whose 26th at Pipe is probably the main thing holding him back. Unlike Flippy, he still has a chance to redeem his poor Pipe showing at the Box and Fiji.

Best of luck to all at Narrabeen; the preview article will be up soon.


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