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Tahiti Fantasy Preview

With J-Bay a distant memory, and the frothy taste of Huntington still souring our collective mouths, it's time to rinse and spit with a healthy dose of Teahupo'o. But before we kick off the event preview, it's only fitting that we take a moment to put the broader consequences of the final event of the regular season into context. As Parko reminds us, at Teahupo'o "there is nowhere to hide and nowhere to run". ... Read more

Last updated August 9, 2022 by Balyn McDonald

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J-Bay Fantasy Preview

It's been a while, sorry. We were so consumed by the changes required to test and design the post-cut fantasy game that we didn't have time for a preview at GLand. We then had no data to analyse at the new event in El Salvador. Before we knew it, Rio was upon us and so was coronavirus. We were laid out in the lead-up to Rio and missed that too. ... Read more

Last updated July 10, 2022 by Balyn McDonald

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Staring Down the Cut

If you’ve had anything to do with professional surfing during the last fortnight, you’ve no doubt heard some static around ‘the mid-season cut’. Depending on who you listen to, opinions about the cut range from it being an overdue efficiency strategy, a clever device to increase drama, or an outright injustice. Regardless of how you or I feel about the changes, they’re coming. The WSL isn’t backing down, and the final pre-cut Championship Tour (CT)... Read more

Last updated April 24, 2022 by Balyn McDonald

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Margaret River Fantasy Preview

I'm aware of just how late this is dropping. I've had sick kids and the fantasy stuff has had to take a back seat. Hopefully you've been making good use of the data and surfer comparison features that are build into the FSS game. Conditions The WSL have plenty of venue guides for Margies, or Ben Mondy overviews, as well as detailed break... Read more

Last updated April 24, 2022 by Balyn McDonald

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Bells Beach Fantasy Preview

Hells Bells; we're back at the bowl. After covid breaks and travel restrictions, Bells Beach hosts a CT tour event for the first time since John beat Filipe in 2019. In the meantime, Rip Curl's Bells maestro - Mick Fanning - found love, had a child, saved a bunch of Tweed locals during the floods, and then decided to make a welcome - if somewhat unnecessary - wildcard return to his favourite event.... Read more

Last updated April 4, 2022 by Balyn McDonald

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Portugal Fantasy Preview

Hawai'i was really something, wasn't it? Take another quick look at the current tour rankings, and you'll see that 2022 is far from 'business as usual'. Unpredictability is exciting, undoubtedly, but it makes choosing a fantasy team that little bit harder. It looks like calculated risks are the way in 2022. We've barely got time to celebrate our fantasy wins (or lick our wounds, as it may be) before we're in the water... Read more

Last updated February 28, 2022 by Balyn McDonald

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Sunset 2022 - Fantasy Preview

It's a quick turn-around from the Pipe hyperbole, up the Kamehameha Hwy, and on to the Hurley Sunset Pro. There's ironically no time to waste on needless intros; let's do this. Conditions Sunset has been promoted from QS/Triple Crown staple, back to CT jewel. We haven't seen it on the CT tour since it... Read more

Last updated February 10, 2022 by Balyn McDonald

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Pipeline 2022 - By the Numbers

Wow. That was some contest. Moana, Slater, classic Pipe. Records, upsets, injuries, surprises and redemption. Fantasy-wise, it was a mixed mag. Anyone who picked the usual suspects of Kelly, John and Mr Consistency Kanoa were rewarded, as were those who believed in Carissa. Moana was another 'obvious' pick who came through, and both Miggy and Seth repaid the faith of the data. There... Read more

Last updated February 8, 2022 by Balyn McDonald

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Pipeline 2022 - Fantasy Preview

I know it's not our first time doing this, but there's something wrong about kicking off the title race at Pipe. No world title scenarios, no qualification predictions, no season-long pressure, no form to look at. Nothing. Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining. It's a banger of a way to start the year, and I'm always keen to watch a Pipe contest. I'm also looking forward... Read more

Last updated January 25, 2022 by Balyn McDonald

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2022 Tour Preview

Keen to get the early scoop on the 2022 seasons? Read on to see what changes are ahead for the men's and women's tours. The Tour While the 2021 season may have kept us on our toes (hello cancelled events and an inaugural finals contest), the WSL has doubled down and decided to keep modifying the Championship Tour (CT) that we thought we knew. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect from the 2022... Read more

Last updated January 23, 2022 by Balyn McDonald

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