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Injury Updates - Hawaii 2015

Billabong Pipe Masters - Injuries and Updates √ Jordy Smith (Back) QUESTIONABLE 19 November,  2015 - Jordy Smith (back) found his way back into competition at the 2015 Hawaiian Pro QS.  It was encouraging to see him in the water,  but that's about as far as the encouraging news goes.  Smith didn't appear injured,  but was one-and-done with a 10.83 total.  This placed him dead last in the Heat and out of the event.  His 5.33 (wave 1) and 5.5 (wave 2)... Read more

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Men's Portugal Recap

[caption id="attachment_1425" align="aligncenter" width="1103"] Italo Ferreira throws one to the moon - 2015 #MocheRipCurlPro Final[/caption] Wow,  the Moche Rip Curl Pro was intense!  We saw some very unexpected results with ratings leaders Mick Fanning and Adriano de Souza eliminated in R3,  Julian Wilson and Owen Wright out even earlier in R2 and Gabriel Medina unable to capitalize with a QF loss (moving up only one spot).  The biggest jumps were... Read more

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Women's Maui Fantasy Outlook

The Roxy Pro France saw yet another exchange of the Gold Jersey from Courtney Conlogue back to Carissa Moore.  Tyler Wright finally found some form in an event win,  jumping two spots up to 5th place over Bianca Buitendag and Johanne Defay while Stephanie Gilmore dropped to 12th in her CT return. Our Tier B LOCK Tatiana Weston-Webb may have finished 2nd for the event,  but she flat out won in fantasy,  scoring us and hopefully our readers 112.7 FPs!  That's +8.66 over Tyler Wright (104.04)... Read more

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Women's Maui Fantasy Research Tools

Never too early to start your research!  Here are sortable tables for the Women's Target Maui Pro Conditions AHS and Fantasy Surfer Pts/$.  The event kicks off on 2 November,  so plenty of time to solidify a great lineup.  Enjoy the stats - you're welcome! [xt_tab style="xa-default" ][xt_item title="Conditions AHS" icon="Select Icon---"][table id=159 /][/xt_item][xt_item title="Fantasy Surfer Pts/$" icon=""][table id=158 /][/xt_item][/xt_tab] Read more

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Injury Updates - Women's Portugal 2015

Stephanie Gilmore (Knee) OUT:  18 September, 2015 - Stephanie Gilmore has withdrawn from the Cascais Women's Pro slated to begin next week.  This comes as a bit of surprise as Gilmore flew to California for the last event and was just barely a late scratch. "My rehab is taking longer then I initially expected,  Im returning to the water this weekend and am able to start training and surfing properly the following week.  Fingers crossed I'll be back at 100 percent for the Roxy Pro... Read more

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Injury Updates - Men's France 2015

Hold on to your breakfast,  this is a bumpy road already and the Heat Draw is primed to become a mad house.  Here's the IN's and OUT's so far... Jordy Smith (Back) OUT:  3 October, 2015 - Smith has finally withdrawn from France.  His nagging back injury will likely keep him out of 2015 until Pipeline at the earliest,  but don't expect him back by then.  It'll be last minute withdraws the rest of the year,  most likely. Matt Banting (Knee) OUT:  3... Read more

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Injury Updates - Trestles 2015

UPDATE:  Stephanie Gilmore (Knee) OUT:  8 September, 2015 - Stephanie Gilmore is a late withdrawal from the Swatch Women's Pro.  Her nagging injury has now kept her out of four straight events and released in her statement that her knee is only at about 70%.  Monitor this heading into Europe and consider her Questionable. Tahiti saw Jeremy Flores blow minds with his win in first heavy, then tricky conditions.  Tough to see that coming after his horrible injury just a few weeks ago, but Flores has... Read more

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Men's Portugal Fantasy Outlook

France was a lot more entertaining than we though it would be,  and our picks did pretty well.  There's nothing better than the Tier A Lock taking the cake at 9% started - thank you,  Gabby!  Our second Tier A pick Adriano de Souza locked in the second-best score amongst the upper crust as well. The 2015 Surf-Stats Clubhouse [password: fantasy] France Champion is Aaron's Picks,  putting the hurt on us all with 600.97 points.  Well done! We have been... Read more

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The Fantasy Wash-Up – Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal Analysis

That Hansel Medina,  he’s so hot right now!  I’m pretty sure he’s an ambi-turner as well.  Medina was head-and-shoulders above the competition at the QuikPro,  sometimes literally.  He has been building form steadily since JBay,  and I don’t see him slowing down as the season draws to its crescendo.  The ticket for guys like Adriano and Mick is to play their own game and bring the same type of intensity;  if they make semis or better,  they can still shut him out... Read more

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Men's PRT Fantasy Research Tools

If you read the Fantasy Wash-Up's France Recap,  you're well aware of our 2015 WSL Surf-Stats Clubhouse Champion Aaron's Picks,  who knocked in a giant 600.97 total score.  Well done,  Aaron's Picks!  Check out his winning team: As far as the Surf-Stats Numbers Team,  we did pretty well for ourselves scoring 588.57 points for third place.  Honorable mention to Pest's Picks,  coming in 2nd with 598.84. Come join... Read more

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