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Trestles Recap

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Trestles Recap

Last updated September 19, 2015 by Surf-Stats

Mick Fanning has officially returned from Fantasy Time-Out following his win at the Hurley Pro Trestles – welcome back to the consideration table,  Fanno!

Also a big congratulations to our Surf-Stats Clubhouse Trestles Champions:

  • Men’s:  Felonious Crunk – 681.26 Pts
    • Felonious Crunk took 341st overall for Trestles without event winner (real-life or fantasy), Mick Fanning.  This is a great example of why value picks are so important;  Crunk locked in the top SS Club spot with a 314.22 Tier B total – that’s including John John Florence.  JJF dropped the FC’s Tier B average points from 97.37 to 78.56,  but the rest of the team picked up the slack.  Great work and congratulations!  Honorable Mention:  Steven’s Picks (665.51 Pts).  These were the only two teams to beat Surf-Stats Gut Instincts (597.01 Pts) and my personal team, Buchan Broncos (630.05) – which interestingly enough,  did not feature Ace Buchan.
  • Women’s:  Blue Crush the Movie – 333.88 Pts
    • Blue Crush the Movie  the fantasy surf team took out the Women’s SS Clubhouse by featuring 2015’s event champion Carissa Moore.  The rest of the winning lineup included Lakey Peterson, Johanne Defay and Sage Erickson.  Congrats Blue Crush!  Everyone else beat the SS Gut Instincts team (234.83), but my personal team – Buchan Broncos (318.66) – took second;  so put the target on my back for Portugal and come get me.

Great job all around!  We are putting together a Surf-Stats Clubhouse Hall of Fame to feature event winners and provide team stats.  If you won (or just think you’ll win next time)  send a bio and image to so we can add you as 2015 Trestles Fantasy Champion.

Join our crew for France and show us what you got!  Click here to join the Men’s and Women’s Clubhouses (Password: “fantasy”)!

For your own team analysis,  check out our Men’s and Women’s Trestles Recap Tables below.  Mick Fanning came out with the best pick rating even at 39% started,  so great work if you picked him.  But as Felonious Crunk demonstrated – he wasn’t necessary to win.

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Men's Trestles Recap Table

Men's 2015 Trestles AHS, WSL Fantasy Points, Event Start Percentage and Pick Rating
NAMEEvent AHSWSL Fantasy PtsStart %Pick Rating
Adam Melling11.9835.93222.7
Adrian Buchan13.6694.63568.6
Adriano De Souza14.15124.872286.2
Aritz Aranburu10.8321.66012.9
Bede Durbidge14.8644.57832.4
Brett Simpson12.6925.37714.2
C.J. Hobgood11.4526.43197.1
Dusty Payne11.7223.44148.1
Filipe Toledo16.26117.564483.1
Freddy Patacchia Jr.18.938.9935.9
Gabriel Medina16.06117.287466.6
Glenn Hall12.3136.94224
Hiroto Ohhara13.6227.23318.9
Ian Crane14.5929.17122.9
Italo Ferreira15.2681.042456
Jadson Andre13.5527.1716.7
Jeremy Flores14.7749.53139.7
Joel Parkinson14.7888.663853.1
John John Florence11.0522.148-10.6
Jordy Smith0019-9.5
Josh Kerr14.0742.2132.2
Julian Wilson10.240.4307.7
Kai Otton14.1848.36734.2
Keanu Asing14.2628.51221.4
Kelly Slater13.674.42543.2
Kolohe Andino13.7247.443518.3
Matt Banting002-1
Matt Wilkinson14.6443.911129.9
Michel Bourez13.5240.561821.2
Mick Fanning16.2133.413999.4
Miguel Pupo15.4377.171558
Nat Young14.3686.18764.6
Owen Wright13.668.41742.7
Ricardo Christie13.2526.49815.3
Sebastian Zietz9.619.286.1
Taj Burrow14.7449.47935.6
Tomas Hermes11.823.6114.8
Wiggolly Dantas14.1684.931558.6
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Women's Trestles Recap Table

Women's 2015 Trestles AHS, WSL Fantasy Points, Event Start Percentage, and Pick Rating
NAMEEvent AHSWSL Fantasy PtsStart %Pick Rating
Alessa Quizon13.5954.361334.1
Bethany Hamilton10.1520.377.8
Bianca Buitendag14.74108.411281.9
Carissa Moore16.48118.95381.3
Caroline Marks9.6719.34010.3
Coco Ho14.9729.941815.7
Courtney Conlogue16.6289.871873.2
Dimity Stoyle13.7988.97266.5
Johanne Defay13.0159.04838.2
Lakey Peterson15.3796.863663.9
Laura Enever9.2218.4323-2.2
Malia Manuel15.9731.931222
Nikki Van Dijk14.1770.863139.7
Sage Erickson14.7759.081441
Sally Fitzgibbons14.5378.11554.9
Silvana Lima13.4226.831810.8
Stephanie Gilmore0016-8
Tatiana Weston-Webb13.6961.072434
Tyler Wright15802454

Our best hits for Trestles were fading John John Florence,  Lock Pick’s Gabriel Medina and Miguel Pupo and It’s a Trap fade Kelly Slater.  We missed with Mick Fanning,  but like we said,  we are happy with that being the smartest choice even if he wins.  He’ll be back on our radar moving forward,  but we needed him to prove he was out of the funk.

We’ll catch you up soon with our upcoming Men’s France and Women’s Portugal Outlooks and research tools.  With both Mick and Adriano having career success in the upcoming Europe events, things are going to get interesting down the World Title home stretch – stay tuned…

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