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Tahiti Recap Table

Tahiti Recap Table

Last updated August 25, 2015 by Surf-Stats

Wondering how each competitor fared in TAH?  Here’s a recap table and our Pick Ranking for each surfer!  We’ll be back soon with a more thorough grade on our projections and Outlooks.  For the time being, we can say we nailed it with our LOCK – Gabriel Medina.  He beat out John John Florence – who we suggested would be risky – on his way to the Finals.

We also gave you three great value sleeper picks in Italo Ferreira, Kai Otton and Wiggolly Dantas and hope you listened to our Stay Away From Michele Bourez and Mick Fanning recommendations.

We’re happy to have missed a bit with Kelly Slater and C.J. Hobgood in our no-go selections; it’s nice to see them rebound and for C.J. to get a solid result in his last CT at Teahupo’o.  We were pretty spot-on with their projections, though, regardless of leaving them out for this one.

As for Jeremy Flores… Who could have seen that one coming after an injury as bad as his?  At 19% started, not many.

Dusty Payne: Honorable mention for great pick.  Kolohe Andino: Somehow awful at this one.  Andino had almost as high a start percentage as Michele Bourez, so he must have looked like a good option for more teams than just ours.

Check out the results for yourself below, and don’t forget to follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Tahiti Recap Table

NAMEEvent AHSWSL Fantasy PtsStart %Pick Rating (out of 100)
Adam Melling10.7721.53221
Adrian Buchan13.8641.57933.6
Adriano De Souza11.7535.262428.7
Aritz Aranburu13.4373.7156.7
Bede Durbidge12.637.791031.5
Brett Simpson11.2333.7529.4
Bruno Santos13.4373.73256.7
C.J. Hobgood12.4185.892265.1
Dusty Payne12.8545.71436.4
Filipe Toledo8.7943.972636.4
Freddy Patacchia Jr.12.424.791221.7
Gabriel Medina16.3134.086497.3
Glenn Hall6.212.4218.9
Italo Ferreira13.0988.311067.2
Jadson Andre11.7235.16630.1
Jeremy Flores15.91131.361995.9
Joel Parkinson12.7245.434534.3
John John Florence18.456.83642.7
Josh Kerr14.3397.33772.8
Julian Wilson10.0840.162132.9
Kai Otton11.0566.291252.5
Keanu Asing10.6221.23121
Kelly Slater15.36101.422574.9
Kolohe Andino8.6417.272414.7
Matt Wilkinson10.0530.161426.6
Michel Bourez6.5213.04269.1
Mick Fanning9.4438.844630.1
Miguel Pupo8.9117.81518.9
Nat Young10.921.8521
Owen Wright14.07110.373281.2
Ricardo Christie9.0918.17918.2
Sebastian Zietz12.3136.931030.8
Taj Burrow7.515218.9
Wiggolly Dantas11.9359.631446.9
Tahiti Recap - Performance, Start Percentage and a Calculated Pick Rating For Each Surfer
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