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Oi Rio Pro - Metrics 2018

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Oi Rio Pro - Metrics 2018

Last updated May 7, 2018 by Balyn McDonald

I have waited long enough for the WSL to move on from their wave machine experiment and get back to the core business of managing the world tour. There is still no heat draw or mention of wildcards (as of publishing), so I’ll offer what I have for now. I’ll try to update in time, but I have also included a few ‘unannounced’ surfers in the hope that their stats are useful when the full draw is released.

All of our ‘career’ average heat score and win % statistics are taken from 2013-2018 WSL contest seasons*. They do not reflect the entire careers of surfers who have been on tour longer than that.

*I have not added the data from the Founders Cup event in my contest metrics. This isn’t because not because I haven’t recorded any (I’ll use them for my WSL event preview in September), but because I’m not sure they’re relevant to this type of contest.

A successful fantasy player doesn’t rely on past results or projections alone; we suggest that you check the forecast, sort through the particular conditions data that you deem most relevant and pick out a team that you feel balances the metrics with your instinct. That’s what we do, and we’re regularly awash in the glories of fantasy mediocrity.

Rio Metrics

Win % - career heat win percentage from 2013-2017
AHS - career average heat score 2013-2017
2018 win% - percentage of heats won in current season
2018 AHS - average heat score for current season
E. Heats - number of heats surfed at this event (2013-2017)
1-4' - average heat score in wave heights 1-4' (2013-2017)
4-6' - average heat score in wave heights 4-6' (2013-2017)
Left/Right - average heat score in breaks offering both lefts and rights (2013-2017)
Beach- average heat score in beach breaks (2013-2017)
Proj AHS - projected AHS for this event
Proj Finish- projected placing for this event
SurferWin %AHS2018 win%2018 AHSEAHSE.Heats1-4'4-6'Left/RightBeachProj AHSProj Finish
Gabriel Medina65.6713.5955.5611.8115.132114.4114.2814.3414.2312.871
John John Florence65.1614.612011.8313.131614.6515.4614.3714.2612.762
Jordy Smith58.2113.044012.8114.32013.7314.4114.1113.6912.533
Adriano de Souza55.812.9537.59.314.122513.3112.6113.6613.5511.863
Julian Wilson56.7612.5477.7811.4611.821412.9513.2112.9812.2711.35
Joel Parkinson54.3412.9533.3311.4512.81313.6313.0412.4512.311.585
Filipe Toledo52.3113.075010.5214.641913.4911.7513.813.31125
Italo Ferreira52.112.163.6412.3513.071013.2212.5213.0212.9111.675
Owen Wright50.3413.21609.9513.711313.9212.2912.8712.8711.769
Adrian Buchan45.0512.376010.7412.932013.313.112.4712.1111.49
Kolohe Andino46.2812.44409.4911.431512.9411.8712.6912.6210.959
Michel Bourez48.7411.676011.5910.912012.4611.3111.2510.5210.339
Frederico Morais44.0712.4409.8212.74311.6414.112.2311.9211.0113
Jeremy Flores42.4212.775012.0212.151112.4413.612.1711.3611.1313
Matt Wilkinson44.1311.0628.579.311.241811.5911.6511.3711.4710.1813
Sebastian Zietz40.4412.0116.678.7312.231812.4512.6112.2611.8710.7913
Connor O'Leary40.9111.6616.679.3612.37311.5212.9711.5811.6710.6113
Kanoa Igarashi40.7410.4128.5710.2613.58710.9110.0311.8711.3610.3913
Mikey Wright36.3612.9133.3312.06013.7710.513
Wiggolly Dantas33.9611.3113.97912.6511.1911.2911.4610.9913
Conner Coffin34.9410.6833.339.8911.58411.9611.1811.5710.9610.2113
Miguel Pupo35.4810.9507.7810.731411.4710.8711.7111.719.9213
Ian Gouveia30.5611.2609.1313.37212.4411.6911.3511.2610.6913
Willian Cardoso33.3312.328.5710.09013.289.7913
Joan Duru27.9112.4010.6114.05212.3113.712.4512.4411.5225
Yago Dora26.6711.7309.4414.23713.910.3314.2314.2311.8625
Ezekiel Lau28.2111.3533.338.7512.93211.5712.2911.7710.0310.2925
Alejo Muniz30.2311.079.2910.578.9111.2811.069.2925
Keanu Asing28.1710.4109.810.79711.3310.0210.8110.99.7425
Tomas Hermes27.7810.13409.05011.449.8211.7211.729.6725
Wade Carmichael23.0810.4633.3311.03012.3668.325
Jesse Mendes18.1810.8114.2910.711.65211.0711.6511.6510.1925
Michael February109.1616.678.03010.17.4825


Rio Pro Event History

Empty fields denote absent/injured surfer
Yago Dora333
Adriano de Souza15291331344.86
Italo Ferreira39126
John John Florence1139113377.4
Filipe Toledo5131913418.2
Sebastian Zietz55131313499.8
Joel Parkinson52139255599.83
Jordy Smith13915251357110.14
Michel Bourez99919256210.33
Owen Wright51325555310.6
Nat Young951313135310.6
Gabriel Medina2531313396611
Kanoa Igarashi1392211
Ace Buchan1313513132528412
Frederico Morais131313
Connor O'Leary131313
Ian Gouvea131313
Patrick Gudauskas131313
Jeremy Flores39132513251310114.43
Wiggolly Dantas132594715.67
Jadson Andre132513525139415.67
Julian Wilson25513132525911516.43
Kolohe Andino1313225252510317.17
Miguel Pupo1313252552510617.67
Alejo Muniz2552513251310617.67
Matt Wilkinson25252525325313118.71
Ezekiel Lau252525
Joan Duru252525
Jesse Mendes252525
Conner Coffin25255025
Bino Lopes25255025
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