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Men's PRT Fantasy Research Tools

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Men's PRT Fantasy Research Tools

Last updated October 17, 2015 by Surf-Stats

If you read the Fantasy Wash-Up’s France Recap,  you’re well aware of our 2015 WSL Surf-Stats Clubhouse Champion Aaron’s Picks,  who knocked in a giant 600.97 total score.  Well done,  Aaron’s Picks!  Check out his winning team:

As far as the Surf-Stats Numbers Team,  we did pretty well for ourselves scoring 588.57 points for third place.  Honorable mention to Pest’s Picks,  coming in 2nd with 598.84.

Come join the Surf-Stats Clubhouse at WSL Fantasy Surfing  [Password:  fantasy]  to play against us and other readers for bragging rights and a place in our upcoming Hall of Fame!  See you out there!

France Recap

The 9% of teams who had our Tier A Lock,  Gabriel Medina,  really cashed in with 140.46 points,  the second best fantasy score of 2015 (Filipe Toledo dropped a 140.5 in BRA).  Our other Tier A suggestion,  Adriano de Souza,  picked up the second best A score with 116.54 while our Tier B Trap Toledo crushed dreams by way of a 15.83 finish.   France was every bit as tricky as we had imagined,  but overall offered world-class barrel conditions with some lip to boost for a tremendous show.  Medina was easily the most in-tune competitor while John John Florence,  regardless of a decent score,  continues to frustrate his supporters.

We’re looking at a 1 second period between the France wrap and Portugal,  but worry not,  the Fantasy Outlook is on the way!  In the meantime,  here are the PRT Conditions AHS and Fantasy Surfer Pts/$ Tables for your researching convenience.  You’re welcome and happy drafting!

[xt_tab style=”xa-default” ][xt_item title=”Conditions AHS” icon=”Select Icon—“]

Men's PRT Conditions AHS Table

Men's Average Heat Scores for Conditions 6-8' Waves, Offshore Winds, Left Waves, Right-Left Wave Differential, Beach Breaks, Portugal and QSFW Location Power Score
NAMEProj PtsProj AHS6-8'OffshoreLeftRLDBeachPRTQSFW
Adam Melling25.159.659.7010.388.923.2610.659.120
Adrian Buchan51.8811.310.5311.7911.102.3511.5711.411
Adriano de Souza104.4011.8710.4812.959.544.2512.5111.6519
Alejo Muniz24.239.8111.7910.9110.291.3811.047.520
Aritz Aranburu46.6512.1811.6213.0812.72-1.8713.109.380
Bede Durbidge83.3211.711.9312.7710.043.3711.4312.6010
Brett Simpson25.0510.28.2810.979.103.7111.5510.400
C.J. Hobgood27.9011.212.7013.1212.58-0.1611.8110.901
Caio Ibelli20.529.
Dane Reynolds44.7411.8311.9011.9011.012.6212.7111.570
Filipe Toledo101.5512.0313.2710.6710.934.2614.3711.651
Frederico Morais23.0510.5611.370
Gabriel Medina116.0314.0211.6012.9511.530.8614.6114.687
Glenn Hall23.389.327.726.758.002.2811.750
Italo Ferreira101.6913.1112.0113.4213.590.2213.210
Jadson Andre50.9211.4511.1411.0910.251.0511.0810.780
Jeremy Flores93.1912.2111.2812.1312.430.6111.5711.644
Joel Parkinson54.2311.7413.6714.4213.531.6113.8714.4210
John John Florence83.7713.114.0714.2916.12-1.4213.2313.604
Josh Kerr56.7411.2213.3211.9213.18-0.1811.029.245
Julian Wilson115.5313.812.9012.6411.920.8413.4815.7617
Kai Otton78.6511.9812.6311.4212.05-0.3511.1511.1618
Keanu Asing25.629.428.258.799.772.479.900
Kelly Slater99.4712.8815.2515.1615.460.4014.3114.7022
Kolohe Andino44.7111.079.4611.648.854.7711.7312.840
Mason Ho26.5711.8611.0912.380
Matt Wilkinson49.8310.9210.4410.8010.930.529.9411.920
Michel Bourez49.1911.7311.7112.7211.102.1311.5412.071
Mick Fanning123.9714.3814.7214.6313.501.4113.9715.0531
Miguel Pupo49.9811.7210.4212.199.303.2811.4013.790
Nat Young92.7312.8713.8913.1314.40-0.9111.2212.817
Owen Wright114.9913.5312.0111.7410.392.8612.7314.743
Ricardo Christie45.5511.6111.3710.4611.23-0.8612.310
Sebastian Zietz55.1413.1812.9114.3413.810.1314.5311.600
Tiago Pires21.159.578.2210.179.931.889.1410.10
Tomas Hermes24.1310.7711.479.5311.570
Vasco Ribeiro19.738.440
Wiggolly Dantas87.0413.052.6612.1011.951.9713.660
[/xt_item][xt_item title=”Fantasy Surfer Pts/$” icon=””]

Men's PRT Fantasy Surfer Pts/$

Men's Portugal Fantasy Surfer Points Per Dollar Values Table
NAMEProj AHSProj PtsFS PricePts/$
Adam Melling9.6543$4,250,0001.01
Adrian Buchan11.381$5,750,0001.41
Adriano De Souza11.87128$11,000,0001.16
Aritz Aranburu12.1876$1,500,0005.07
Bede Durbidge11.786$6,000,0001.43
Brett Simpson10.242$3,500,0001.2
C.J. Hobgood11.246$3,750,0001.23
Caio Ibelli9.2237$1,500,0002.47
Filipe Toledo12.03126$7,750,0001.63
Frederico Morais10.5639$1,500,0002.6
Gabriel Medina14.02175$12,500,0001.4
Glenn Hall9.3240$3,000,0001.33
Italo Ferreira13.11127$7,000,0001.81
Jadson Andre11.4580$5,000,0001.6
Jeremy Flores12.21103$5,500,0001.87
Joel Parkinson11.7482$7,500,0001.09
John John Florence13.1100$6,750,0001.48
Josh Kerr11.2284$7,750,0001.08
Julian Wilson13.8151$9,500,0001.59
Kai Otton11.9885$6,250,0001.36
Keanu Asing9.4244$3,500,0001.26
Kelly Slater12.88125$10,500,0001.19
Kolohe Andino11.0747$5,250,0000.9
Mason Ho11.8645$1,500,0003
Matt Wilkinson10.9278$5,500,0001.42
Michel Bourez11.7377$5,250,0001.47
Mick Fanning14.38250$12,500,0002
Miguel Pupo11.7279$3,750,0002.11
Nat Young12.87102$7,250,0001.41
Owen Wright13.53150$10,250,0001.46
Ricardo Christie11.6175$3,000,0002.5
Sebastian Zietz13.1883$3,750,0002.21
Tiago Pires9.5738$1,500,0002.53
Tomas Hermes10.7741$1,500,0002.73
Vasco Ribeiro8.4436$1,500,0002.4
Wiggolly Dantas13.05101$5,500,0001.84

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