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Men's Portugal Recap

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Men's Portugal Recap

Last updated October 30, 2015 by Surf-Stats

Italo Ferreira throws one to the moon - 2015 #MocheRipCurlPro Final
Italo Ferreira throws one to the moon – 2015 #MocheRipCurlPro Final

Wow,  the Moche Rip Curl Pro was intense!  We saw some very unexpected results with ratings leaders Mick Fanning and Adriano de Souza eliminated in R3,  Julian Wilson and Owen Wright out even earlier in R2 and Gabriel Medina unable to capitalize with a QF loss (moving up only one spot).  The biggest jumps were Joel Parkinson (+5 to 13th),  event winner Filipe Toledo (+4th),  and PRT runner-up Italo Ferreira (+2 to 6th).  This makes for a very interesting World Title race heading into the Pipe Masters.

The top 3 are separated by a mere 450 points,  which means Fanning,  de Souza,  and Toledo control their own destiny;  each can win the Title with a victory at Pipe.  For 4th place Gabriel Medina,  he’ll have to win Pipe,  but Mick,  Adriano and Toledo all must fall at 5th or worse.  We’d say it’s unlikely to have the top seeds out early,  but it literally just happened.

Our Tier A Trap Filipe Toledo won the event,  but we also outlined the possibility for his success if the conditions ended up choppy – which they did.  Our Tier A Sleeper was Italo Ferreira.  Looks like almost no one took our advice as he was drafted by 0% of teams(!),  bunch of crazies!   Where else did we nail it?  Our LOCK,  Jeremy Flores,  led Tier B in points (at 6%  started – thank you very much)  and John John Florence,  who we outlined as high risk/low potential,  blew it again.  We’re excited for the 3-4 man Title decision,  it will make for a very dramatic finale at the Pipe Masters.

While you’re waiting for our Hawaii Research Tools,  here is a sortable table for how everyone performed at Portugal.  Italo Ferreira was the best value pick (due to his #1 ranked AHS and 0 start percentage – still shocked about that). 

Men's Portugal Recap Table

2015 Moche Rip Curl Pro Sortable Results and Pick Rating (Out of 100) based on Points, AHS and Start Percentage
*Gabriel Medina Interference Not Calculated for AHS
NAMEEvent PointsEvent AHSStart %TierPick Rating
Italo Ferreira126.2115.170A98
Matt Wilkinson50.2315.1212B54
Filipe Toledo129.6714.9530A85
Kolohe Andino72.8314.574B69
Josh Kerr49.0714.5414B53
Frederico Morais97.8814.471C83
Mick Fanning47.6413.8252A33
Caio Ibelli41.2713.762C55
John John Florence40.9613.6553B29
Adriano de Souza40.513.523A44
Brett Simpson100.4913.427C82
Jeremy Flores85.8913.186B75
Gabriel Medina* (-INT)78.4912.9217A66
Nat Young70.112.5314B63
Bede Durbidge44.612.314B50
Ricardo Christie36.2412.089C49
Aritz Aranburu23.8611.935C44
Joel Parkinson71.2711.8843B49
Miguel Pupo23.4311.725B44
Owen Wright23.4411.7216A39
Vasco Ribeiro9011.671C80
Sebastian Zietz34.1711.3910B47
Wiggolly Dantas22.6411.3222B35
Tomas Hermes22.5711.292C45
C.J. Hobgood32.9610.9922C40
Kelly Slater41.9610.9819A46
Julian Wilson21.7610.8823A34
Michel Bourez53.2910.665B59
Keanu Asing59.399.852B64
Mason Ho27.559.184C47
Glenn Hall18.249.123C43
Adrian Buchan18.19.059B40
Jadson Andre17.878.949B39
Adam Melling17.748.873C42
Kai Otton17.018.5110B39
Tiago Pires16.348.172C42

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