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Men's Bells Beach Conditions AHS

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Men's Bells Beach Conditions AHS

Last updated March 24, 2015 by Surf-Stats

Here’s a great tool for you to use in drafting your Bells Beach Men’s lineup.  You can sort by each surfer’s AHS for CT events in Australia, events that Rip Curl sponsored, at Bells Beach in the past, on Right hand waves, at Point Breaks, and at Reef-Bottom Breaks.  PCA is their Past Conditions Average, which averages the conditions for an overall value at Bells.

(*) Surfer has only one event on the CT for such conditions.

Notable Right-Hand Wave low-scorers are Jadson Andre (an ice-cold 11.3), Kai Otton (11.71) and Matt Wilkinson (11.45) – though we give Kai and Wilkinson a better PAHS this year, and actually recommend Ottz in Tier C.

High performance PCA notables:  Kelly Slater (15.77) – be wary of recent performance, though, Joel Parkinson (15.00), John John Florence (14.92), Mick Fanning (14.86), Filipe Toledo (14.6), and Nat Young (14.16).

Nat Young is our dark-horse sleeper pick for Bells.  With so much talent in Tier B at this event, you’ll need to separate yourself from the pack.  While most teams will lock into Kelly, John John, and Parko and Jordy, one or more of them should be eliminated before Nat.  Don’t believe us?  Look at what happened at CT #1!  If you drafted the best team on paper, you wound up in the losers bin.

Men's Bells Beach Conditions AHS

Men's CT AHS for Conditions: Australia Events, Rip Curl Sponsored Events, Bells Beach, Right-Hand Waves, Point Breaks, Reef-Bottom Breaks, and Past Conditions Averages.
NAMEAUSRip Curl SponsorBells BeachRight WavePoint BreakReef BottomPCA
Adam Melling11.9710.3510.8512.1712.178.8711.06
Adrian Buchan13.2611.7712.2913.4513.5910.2812.44
Adriano de Souza14.4513.0414.5213.7813.769.3713.15
Bede Durbidge13.9513.2714.0013.4113.2410.1513.00
Brett Simpson11.3210.8910.2512.8112.869.4311.26
C.J. Hobgood12.9012.5112.8912.4212.5112.8212.68
Dusty Payne11.6310.9712.0212.8312.5312.2912.04
Filipe Toledo15.1915.9615.9615.1914.3410.9314.60
Fredrick Patacchia12.7112.9412.8012.1212.4512.8712.65
Gabriel Medina11.9813.7412.0312.4012.4911.5312.36
Glenn Hall12.9312.7712.7712.9312.936.4111.79
Italo Ferreira13.7*13.7*13.7*
Jadson Andre11.2711.2611.7511.3011.7710.3611.28
Jeremy Flores13.2012.2712.8013.0413.1912.6212.85
Joel Parkinson15.7814.4715.8615.1415.3713.3515.00
John John Florence15.6112.9015.0314.7015.1716.1214.92
Jordy Smith14.9913.9915.2113.9513.7912.7714.12
Josh Kerr13.5011.2213.5313.0012.9413.0712.88
Julian Wilson12.0913.1510.5212.7613.0111.9212.24
Kai Otton11.9511.6511.6811.7111.8612.2211.84
Keanu Asing12.38*13.7*13.7*
Kelly Slater15.8715.5515.6715.8715.8415.8015.77
Kolohe Andino13.4213.9615.3513.6212.398.8512.93
Matt Banting10.22*13.7*13.7*
Matt Wilkinson11.7211.4110.4311.4511.3911.0211.24
Michel Bourez12.9212.4212.5613.2313.3211.2212.61
Mick Fanning15.7315.0915.5714.9114.7413.1314.86
Miguel Pupo11.9813.1611.2712.5912.069.3011.73
Nat Young14.6814.7114.7113.4912.9414.4014.16
Owen Wright12.9212.8312.6213.2513.2110.7212.59
Ricardo Christie13.38*13.7*13.7*
Sebastian Ziets13.9314.2814.2813.9312.5413.8113.79
Taj Burrow14.5413.9814.4114.2914.2411.2813.79
Wiggolly Dantas15.22*15.22*15.22*


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