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Injury Updates - Trestles 2015

Injury Updates - Trestles 2015

Last updated October 18, 2015 by Surf-Stats

UPDATE:  Stephanie Gilmore (Knee) OUT:  8 September, 2015 – Stephanie Gilmore is a late withdrawal from the Swatch Women’s Pro.  Her nagging injury has now kept her out of four straight events and released in her statement that her knee is only at about 70%.  Monitor this heading into Europe and consider her Questionable.

Tahiti saw Jeremy Flores blow minds with his win in first heavy, then tricky conditions.  Tough to see that coming after his horrible injury just a few weeks ago, but Flores has proven to be one of the toughest guys on tour.  We won’t be needing to update his injury status any further.

UPDATE:  Matt Banting (Knee) OUT:  5 September, 2015 – Matt Banting has officially withdrawn from the Hurley Pro Trestles due to injury and Tomas Hermes will be surfing in his stead.  We will list Banting as Questionable for the European Leg, but since he’s started some rehab already, we expect he’ll compete at FRA.

27 August, 2015 –  Banting has said only that he is feeling better every day and one Instagram post of a pre-injury air captioned “Soon…”  How soon?  We don’t know yet,  but knee injuries are stubborn and he isn’t running for a Title this season – look for Banting to play it safe if he’s not 100%.

UPDATE: Jordy Smith (Back) OUT:  7 September, 2015 – We had a feeling this was coming.  Jordy is officially withdrawn from the Hurley Pro Trestles, replaced by Aritz Aranburu for the second time in as many events.  We’ve been fairly persistent in suggesting Smith may be done for the season and with only four events left, we could be right.  There is a chance we’ll see him at Pipe even if the injury is very serious, since that’s way out in the future.  Monitor the situation moving forward, though.

5 September, 2015 – Smith recently stated in an interview with Australia’s Surfing Life “I can’t go back into this until I am a hundred percent. I can’t risk this again. …I have to persevere and get back to one hundred percent before I come back.  It might take the rest of the year, but it also might take a lot less.”  These are not words you want to hear if Jordy’s on your radar.  We suggested after his J-Bay exit that Smith might not return in 2015 – he’s out of World Title contention and a well-sourced rumor mill rumbled that he wanted time off anyway.  Don’t expect Jordy to suit up for Trestles, but do expect a late withdrawal.  Without any current footage posted to social media, we have to assume Smith has not returned to the water.

27 August, 2015 –  We really want to slap the “Doubtful” tag on Jordy,  but we will wait until 2 September.  If he hasn’t announced he’s back or posted some current shredding videos, we will assume he’ll be out for Trestles.  Stay tuned.

Mick Fanning (Shark Encounter) 27 August, 2015 – Consider Mick still a risky play.  He bombed (not in the good way) at Teahupo’o and Southern California has had shark action.  He’s still out to prove he’s fine, though, and he just might be.  Check out this video from of him catching shade at Shippstern Bluff earlier today:

Fanning Tackles Shipstern Bluff
Fanning Tackles Shipstern Bluff

John John Florence (Ankle) IN: 27 August, 2015 –  Florence was eliminated in R3 of the Billabong Pro Tahiti, but he went out surfing better than anyone in the contest, posting an event-high 18.4 AHS over two surfed Rounds – precautionary ankle-brace and all.  Consider him 100% for Trestles.

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