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Injury Updates - Hawaii 2015

Injury Updates - Hawaii 2015

Last updated October 30, 2015 by Surf-Stats

Billabong Pipe Masters – Injuries and Updates

Jordy Smith (Back) QUESTIONABLE

19 November,  2015 – Jordy Smith (back) found his way back into competition at the 2015 Hawaiian Pro QS.  It was encouraging to see him in the water,  but that’s about as far as the encouraging news goes.  Smith didn’t appear injured,  but was one-and-done with a 10.83 total.  This placed him dead last in the Heat and out of the event.  His 5.33 (wave 1) and 5.5 (wave 2) scores were certainly no fireworks,  so we’ll monitor his performance at the Vans World Cup,  slated to begin 24 November.

  • 10 November,  2015 – Smith (back) has been upgraded to Questionable status following a release by the World Surf League.  In their statement,  they confirm that Smith is scheduled to compete at all three Triple Crown events in Hawaii.  This is great news for Smith and his fans,  but we don’t know if he actually is back at 100% health.  This will most likely be revealed during his performance at the two QS events of the stretch and you won’t have to make a decision until Smith proves he’s good to go.  If Jordy can surf up to par, we’ll upgrade his status again.  It looks promising,  but stay tuned.

√  Dusty Payne (Back) PROBABLE

21 November,  2015 – Dusty Payne returned to competition at the QS Hawaiian Pro,  following a short hiatus with a back injury.  He appears to be surfing 100% after making the F and posting a 13.32 event AHS.

  • 12 November,  2015 – Dusty Payne (back) will be surfing today at the Triple Crown’s first stop:  Hawaiian Pro.  If all goes well,  he will most likely find his way to the CT finale at Pipeline.  Payne won this QS last year so the headline basically writes itself:  Payne Back From Back Pain to Claim Back-to-Back Hawaiian Pros.  Gosh that’s good.
  • 28 October,  2015 – Dusty Payne (back) was an unexpected scratch from Portugal.  Not much fuss has been made of this back injury and no comment has been made regarding its severity or recovery period.  Payne’s been flying a lot,  Instagram suggests he’s been on long trips which likely means the injury isn’t debilitating – encouraging,  but we’d still like to know more.  You’ll know when we know,  so stay tuned.

Matt Banting (Knee) OUT

23 November,  2015 – Matt Banting (knee) has officially withdrawn from the Billabong Pipe Masters and will not surf again in 2015.  This is a letdown for Banting’s fans as they’ve had their emotions toyed with since the injury occurred in July.  Matty has been in rehab and seemed to be making a quick recovery,  so it is surprising to see him miss so much of the season.  He’s at least back in the water,  but theres a difference between surfing some leisurely shore-break and surfing Pipeline.  Look for him to come back strong in 2016,  but he’ll have to come back as a wildcard if he is to be on the CT again.

  • 12 November,  2015 – Matt Banting (knee) has revealed on Instagram that he will not be competing for the remainder of the 2015 season. 

This comes as a surprise;  Banting seemed to be making a steady recovery with ample time before Pipe,  but as we’ve seen this year,  injury is a tricky sea to navigate.  Best of luck,  Matty,  and see you in 2016.

***Banting is considered Doubtful because this Instagram post can’t be counted as official.  Once a statement is made,  we’ll downgrade his status to Out.  Crazy things have happened,  though,  so monitor the situation.

  • 28 October,  2015 – Matt Banting (knee) is back with a Questionable tag heading into Pipeline.  He’s been a real tease,  almost as bad as Jordy Smith,  in his fluctuating return status.  The original prognosis suggested Banting would be back long before Portugal,  yet he still hasn’t surfed an event since Fiji barely at all since July.  Unable to recover in three months has us scratching our heads – he was rehabbing full time during this period as well.  With five full months from injury until Pipe, though, we like his chances to be back to 100%.   His latest Instagram post yesterday suggests he wants this as well,  but that doesn’t guarantee it will happen.Banting "...can't wait to put the jersey back on!"Of course Matt “Can’t wait to put the jersey back on!”  But only time will tell if it happens.

√ Italo Ferreira (Knee) PROBABLE

11 November,  2015 – Ferreira is confirmed surfing in the Hawaiian Pro and won’t likely hit setbacks on his first CT Pipeline entry.

  • 4 November,  2015 – Italo Ferreira has been surfing with a mild injury to his left knee sustained a few months ago.  Here he is in Portugal,  keeping the issue a playful secret:

Italo Ferreira L Knee INJ

Then he did this:Italo Ferreira PRT Finals Aerial

So it looks like we’re good here.

Taj Burrow (Paternity) PROBABLE

28 October,  2015 – Taj Burrow (paternity) took some time off the CT for the birth of his first child,  Arabella Rose (pictured below),  but had previously stated he’ll be back for CT #11.  That sounds about right,  in 18 years on the Tour,  Burrow has missed just one event – the 2014 Pipe Masters.   He’s as frothy as they come and it’s unlikely he’ll miss surfing’s prime event for the second time.

Burrow and new family addition Arabella Rose [via Instagram]
Burrow and new family addition Arabella Rose [via Instagram]

⊗ Freddy Patacchia Jr. (Retired) OUT

23 November,  2015 – Freddy Patacchia is sticking to his retirement guns and will not be surfing the Billabong Pipe Masters this year.

  • 28 October,  2015 – There’s some lingering speculation that Freddy Patacchia (retired) may surf in the Billabong Pipe Masters.  Though he retired during the Hurley Pro Trestles,  he did say he’d still be surfing in some QS events.  Patacchia also stated,  however,  that he would not surf another CT heat.  We have one main question – why?  If a World Class Break is in your backyard and you’re able to surf it – even just for fun – with 1-2 other guys,  well that’d be enough for us.  We have nothing but speculative notions so far,  but it seems to make a good case.

Target Maui Pro – Injuries and Updates

⊗ Stephanie Gilmore (Leg) OUT

17 November,  2015 – Stephanie Gilmore has officially withdrawn from Maui with with the same nagging injury that’s haunted her 2015 campaign.  It’s a devastating blow for Gilmore,  who will now rely on a Wild Card selection to enter 2016 on the CT.  Surfing in her place will be Keely Andrew.Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 19.51.18

√ Laura Enever (Shoulder) IN

21 November,  2015 – Laura Enever (shoulder) is officially locked into the Heat Draw for the Target Maui Pro and can be fully considered for fantasy rosters.

  • 28 October,  2015 – Laura Enever (shoulder) suffered a dislocation prior to the Roxy Pro France October 8th.  No comment has been made on recovery period;  dislocated shoulder’s can vary greatly from 3-12 weeks for return to normal function depending on severity.  It seems that it may have been a mild one,  however,  with Enever posting on Instagram two days ago that she’s “Starting to get back in the [water].”Enever Questionable for MauiShe’ll have 6-7 weeks of recovery time from injury to Maui,  so there’s a good chance,  especially if she’s actually surfing already.  Missing France was a big blow to her hopes of qualifying for the 2016 CT and if she can’t compete in Hawaii she’ll be in trouble.
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