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Contest Metrics - Bells 2018

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Contest Metrics - Bells 2018

Last updated March 25, 2018 by Balyn McDonald

We have included the data for both Mason Ho and Jacob Wilcox in case they are added to the draw.

All of our our ‘career’ average heat score and win % statistics are taken from 2013-2018 WSL contest seasons. They do not reflect the entire careers of surfers who have been on tour longer than that.

A successful fantasy player never relies on past results or projections alone; we suggest that you check the forecast, sort through the particular conditions data that you deem most relevant and pick out a team that you feel balances the metrics as well as your gut.


Bells Metrics 2018

SurferWin %AHS2018 win%2018 AHSEAHSE.Heats4-6'6-8'RightsPointsProj AHSProj Score
John John Florence65.614.6309.1315.011514.6515.4615.2914.7913.1115.28
Mick Fanning62.6713.566.6711.2315.643113.6814.0715.215.3613.17115.896
Gabriel Medina65.6413.6333.3311.3212.741614.4114.2813.8814.4211.790.09
Jordy Smith58.5913.055013.0316.212913.7314.4114.6915.0112.999.33
Adriano de Souza56.3613.075012.1714.782713.3112.6114.0714.2912.578.75
Julian Wilson57.0812.6210013.5914.441612.9513.2114.0314.1412.276.86
Filipe Toledo52.8813.187513.315.491813.4911.7514.515.3712.9581.585
Joel Parkinson54.631333.3313.314.81713.6313.0414.7214.6712.2877.364
Italo Ferreira50.9112.115013.9813.4813.2212.5213.8513.7711.6658.3
Michel Bourez48.711.77513.0212.991312.4611.3113.6413.7911.7658.8
Owen Wright50.3613.387510.9813.521513.9212.2913.413.8311.3556.75
Frederico Morais44.2312.833.3310.7515.25611.6414.114.315.1212.663
Adrian Buchan45.5112.4883.3312.8113.731313.313.112.7413.1411.946.41
Kolohe Andino46.4912.48509.6213.531112.9411.8712.5712.9711.3744.343
Matt Wilkinson44.2511.1109.8212.621711.5911.6512.813.3611.0743.173
Jeremy Flores42.2412.795012.6712.761412.4413.613.3713.5311.344.07
Sebastian Zietz40.7812.0909.1314.051612.4512.6113.2613.1111.5645.084
Connor O'Leary4511.92509.811.08311.5212.9711.6111.4910.4140.599
Kanoa Igarashi42.8610.5166.6712.513.16410.9110.0311.2211.8810.5930.1815
Michael February5010.26509.07010.110.2610.268.8125.1085
Willian Cardoso36.3613.0733.331015.76413.2813.0813.4612.134.485
Caio Ibelli36.2510.9608.0214.931211.3112.9712.9612.9711.3632.376
Conner Coffin35.0610.7433.339.8915.14711.9611.1813.1613.611.633.06
Joan Duru30.7712.64011.7414.95312.3113.712.913.8412.1622.496
Ian Gouveia34.3811.4908.6712.34212.4411.6911.5911.3210.4319.2955
Tomas Hermes35.7110.9966.6710.32011.449.8210.710.79.4817.538
Yago Dora36.3612.4408.73013.910.338.738.738.9216.502
Keanu Asing29.4110.408.3513.68511.3310.0211.412.1110.4119.2585
Ezekiel Lau2511.8207.2415.45611.5712.2912.7813.5411.521.275
Jesse Mendes16.6710.83010.47011.0710.4210.479.2716.686
Wade Carmichael14.299.9633.3310.99012.3611.9911.999.6917.442
Win % - percentage of heat wins from 2013-2017
AHS - average heat score across all heats 2013-2017
2018 win% - percentage of heats won in current season
2018 AHS - average heat score for current season
EAHS - AHS across all heats for this event 2013-2017
E.Heats - number of heats surfed at this event 2013-2017
4-6' - average heat score in wave heights 4-6' (2013-2017)
6-8' - average heat score in wave heights 6-8' (2013-2017)
Rights - average heat score in right-hander specific breaks (2013-2017)
Points - average heat score in point breaks (2013-2017)
Proj AHS - projected AHS based on the data presented in this table
Proj Score - projected score for the entire event using AHS and win percentage data

* rookie surfers with no WCT event experience have had their 2017 QS heat wins (total wins, not %) and AHS data added in the place of Win % and AHS values


Bells Place History

Empty fields denote absent/injured surfer.

Every Bells result from every seeded surfer is included in this table. Averages include data from all seasons 2001-2017, although not all years are shown here in order to save space.
Ezekiel Lau313
Mick Fanning35522151135174.29
Frederico Morais515
Willian Cardoso515
Caio Ibelli9225.5
Joel Parkinson5515131359139176.88
Jordy Smith33353539521106.9
Filipe Toledo5135547
John John Florence931313358.2
Adriano de Souza17917539152135129.92
Owen Wright9175525559810
Sebastian Zietz131313139512.2
Gabriel Medina251313951313713
Joan Duru13113
Connor O'Leary13113
Italo Ferreira253214
Julian Wilson252513313913714.43
Jeremy Flores17917171331325925131114.64
Conner Coffin525215
Matt Wilkinson33171313251313113915.67
Michel Bourez179925252525513917
Ace Buchan171717925259252513131117.73
Kolohe Andino1325132513517.8
Kanoa Igarashi1325219
Patrick Gudauskas3317132525522.6
Ian Gouveia25125
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