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Bleak Opening Bells Week and a Nod to De Souza

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Bleak Opening Bells Week and a Nod to De Souza

Last updated March 26, 2015 by Surf-Stats

The event window for Bells this year opens next Wednesday April 1 (Tuesday, March 31 at 1pm PST) and so far, the first week’s forecast looks pretty bleak.  Here’s the report from Magicseaweed.

Wednesday through Sunday morning looks like 2-3′ range with a wide variety of winds throughout the week and mostly overcast skies.  Let’s see how commish KP handles this situation, which unfortunately looks like it will resemble the “Gold Coast Endless Lay Day of 2015”  – at least for the first week.

Maybe KP will “get better” at the suggestion of Gabriel Medina and. . . meet with mother nature to lobby for waves?  We’re still not sure what Medina meant there.

Bells Forecast and Why de Souza

Hot Tip:  If KP buckles to the pressure looking another mild forecast in the face and does in fact run heats during the first week, Adriano de Souza will be your man.

We already recommended him for your Tier A along with Mick Fanning, due in large part to his success at Bells and his grind-at-all-costs style.  But if they run heats in conditions that look like 1-4′ cross/variable winds, overcast/rainy, de Souza is surfing in Heat 2 of R1 and will be guaranteed to surf.  Here’s why he will win heat 1 in that atmosphere:

1-4′ Waves:             13.28 AHS

Cross/Windy:        14.48 AHS

Overcast/Rainy:    13.1 AHS

Poor Conditions:   13.85 AHS

Right Waves:         13.78 AHS

RLD:                        +4.25

Point Break:            13.76 AHS

Should Kieren Perrow attempt to please the masses (and suits at WSL) and run heats next week, count de Souza as a lock for R3.

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