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Bells Round 2 Update

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Bells Round 2 Update

Last updated April 5, 2015 by Surf-Stats

They surfed R2 in that?  Must be a very daunting forecast…..

Men’s R2

Well Mick and Adriano got through to R3 as expected.  De Souza grabbing the R2 win with a little bit of suspense at the end there, but just a karma payback for Brett Simpson stealing his R1.  Look for both of them to go for the QF and beyond here, we still love them as our Tier A picks.

Taj Burrow dropped another R2 axe on Ricardo Christie, but man did Christie show out today!  He put up a big, big 15.27 (and only lost to TB’s Round-high heat score of 17.27) in conditions that we recommend him in.  Give Ricardo a look by the time J-Bay rolls around.

Michel Bourez.  No excuse.  What was that?  A 5.4?  Out of 20?  At this level, you just cannot get crushed like that, and if you’re Bourez’s PR person, please reach out to us at Surf-Stats – we demand an explanation.

Then we called on Twitter that Freddy P and Kai Otton have career AHS of 12.44 and 11.7 in the rain respectively, and they posted scores almost exactly that – 12.43 and 11.8.  So awesome – follow us!

Luckily, if you followed our advice about hopping off the Brazilian Storm bandwagon, you should still be right in the mix.  3/7 of the Brazilians are out after R2, though they did boast a big score from Filipe with a 17.1 for a BRA R2 AHS of 13.14.  That’s better than other countries’ AHS at 12.99, but that number is shaded very low by Michel Bourez (it’s 13.43 without him – gew).

Women’s R2

Well, we gave you Fitz over Silvana Lima, and though Lima is looking strong right now she’s shown that she can lose here at Bells just a few days ago; we will monitor that.  We’ve always said we love Silvana though, and we only thought Fitzgibbons had a better chance at making it to R3.  Probability, that’s all we’re talking here.  But for WSL Fantasy Surfing, our two Tier B picks over Lima are both right there – including Lakey Peterson.

We had two close heats in the Women’s R2, both with very different indications: Tatiana Weston-Webb vs. Laura Enever and Tyler Wright vs. Pauline Ado.  TatiWest wasn’t expected to handily beat Enever in this one, and Enever only lost by a tenth of a point (with that awesome double-layback last wave that she just barely missed hanging onto).  This will motivate Tatiana and should cause no concern for either camp.

Tyler Wright just barely beat Pauline Ado.  We love Ado, but she should have lost easily to the power house that is Tyler Wright.  But Wright has not looked very in-form this competition so far.  She trailed for much of R2 and barely squeaked past Ado.  In R1, Wright lost to Johanne Defay by way of an 11.57 Heat Score.  That’s a second place tie for most waves surfed in a R1 Heat at 7 – and a 4.57 wave score made her top two.  This only shows us desperation and a lack of confidence.  We don’t know what’s going on with Tyler, maybe she’s hanging out with Michel Bourez, but she needs to pick up her performance if she wants to remain in the top 5.

We’ll be back with you after R3 with some more statistical based analysis of the WSL CT’s!

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