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2015 Rookie Preview: Ricardo Christie (NZL)

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2015 Rookie Preview: Ricardo Christie (NZL)

Last updated March 9, 2015 by Surf-Stats

Ricardo Christie – NZL, R                  Rank:  32             Proj: 31

Here’s a guy with no CT experience, not even as a WC, and he’s never won a QS. So what’s he doing in the top crop?   Well, Christie cleaned house in the 2014 MQS as best you can without a win.  He posted 39 heats over 12 events for a sub-average 3.25 REA and 477.04 TFP, but held up an impressive 15.9 AHS over that stretch. With no FA and a sluggish 7 QSF, though, it’s tough to see Ricardo faring better than 30th overall this year.

Surf:        Point/reef right-handers of medium size on clean days.  Ricardo’s a big boy, similar in size to Jordy Smith but without the air prowess, he’ll display his power best on a long wall with plenty of recovery opportunity.  As most rookies do, he’ll need this room for error.

Trestles, Jeffreys Bay

Beach:     Barrel-centric, double-overhead left-handers in tropical climates.  That should bring a few spots to mind.   Maybe Ricardo is a tube master, but he has yet to show it.  Until he does, we recommend you leave him behind at:

Fiji,  Teahupoo, Pipeline

Overall:  We recommend sitting on Christie until at least the J-Bay Open.  It’s late at #6, but by then we will have a clearer idea of his strengths and weaknesses.

2015 Bold Prediction:  Ricardo fares better in English speaking countries.

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